SoCal Diving siblings 11 year old Allie and 14 year old Johnny Robinson recently traveled with their mom to Tucson, AZ to compete in the USA Diving Zones.  At stake was an opportunity to qualify for the USA Diving Age Group & Junior Olympic Nationals.  Diving has been part of the "normal" for Johnny and Allie—both starting their diving careers at the young age of 6. Respectively, the trip was a success as they both qualified!!! 


This marks Allie's first USA Summer Nationals qualification and Johnny's fourth. The Robinson’s  "normal" suddenly became radically "different" when returning home with their mom from Tucson on Sunday July 12th.  On that day, they received a phone call notifying them that their father (age 49) had just passed away from a heart attack.  Just like that .... their world changed forever!!!! 


For obvious reasons the family didn't feel that the USA Diving Nationals located in Knoxville, TN from July 28th-Aug 3rd would be an option both financially and emotionally. However, Johnny and Allie requested that they be able to return to practice on July 15th so they could be around their "normal" which is diving and their teammates. Once they decided to attend Nationals, the collective team realized that we must jump through every hoop necessary in order to make sure this happens!


We graciously request that you please consider helping Johnny and Allie compete in the USA Diving Nationals and to continue playing the sport they love.  Since beginning diving, they have trained five days per week all year long and have earned a spot at Nationals. This is what they have worked so hard for and we need your help getting them there!!!!

SoCal Divers, Inc. is a 501c3 and is setting up a scholarship "Rally for The Robinson's"

By clicking the donation button, 100% of all the contributions will go directly into the Robinson Scholarship Fund and will be exclusively used for National competition expenses and for the Robinson's future monthly diving tuition.


We know their dad will be proudly watching!


Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Socal Divers Inc